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The Youth Ambassador Program

What is the Bernadette A. Eichler Youth Ambassador Program?

The Bernadette A. Eichler Youth Ambassador Program (#BEYAP) will choose students from each of the surrounding high schools who will be given a Broadway Utica season subscription.  In exchange, the students are required to post a review of each show on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well as other requirements.   

The goal of the program is to engage area teens and foster their interest in theatre. The students interests can be in any area of the theatre, including acting, producing, management, choreography, lighting, sound, costume or set design.

The program is sponsored by the Bank of Utica.

Learn more about the program's namesake: Bernadette A. Eichler

Student Eligibility

  • Student must be a junior or senior in the 2019-2020 school year.

  • Student must have the ability to attend and provide his/her own transportation to all shows in the season subscription.

  • Student must have a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account and be willing to submit their comments through social media during intermission and complete a full review within  24 hours of the performance.

  • Student must be willing and able to uphold the expectations of the program which can be found by clicking on YAP Guidelines link below. 

  • Student is required to perform 10 community service hours throughout the season.


  • Student must submit two teacher recommendations (one reccomendation must be from an ELA teacher)

  • Student will be required to submit a short essay explaining why they would like to become a Bernadette A. Eichler Youth Ambassador and what is their expectation of the program

  • Each student must be interviewed by Broadway Utica personnel prior to acceptance (student will be notified of time and place)

  • Each student must have parental permission in writing

  • Each student/parent is required to sign a publicity/photo release form

Please sumbit your information to Kristen Matteson at: or by US mail.  Include your name, address, phone number, email, DOB, High School name, and grade level. Applications are now being accepted.  For more information about the Youth Ambassador Program, call Kristen Matteson at (315) 724-7196 or email



Download our YAP guidelines